Headless Society
Release: 2023-04-27
A new electronic and improvised club music has emerged. On stage you'll see modified Gameboys, junk guitar, an old Echolette tape echo, brand new synthesizers, microphones, electronified saxophone, bass and two drummers.
It's about freedom in music, and the will to steer a spaceship full of sound, including "perfectly wrong notes" (Sun Ra) into the hearts of the audience. Dancing. Hypnotically wild, untamed music, celebrating without a reason. The intoxicating concerts of Headless Society resemble the spirit of the Krautrock era and its stories.
Not forgetting the almost spiritual level of guidance, prudence and care on the part of club owner Dima Oboukhov, who in turn sees his space nourished by sounds, all the while passionately dispensing vodka.
Between knocked over beer glasses there is still room for an audio interface, with which the Headless Society records their concert themselves.
David Helm made his selection from many hours of audio material, and through loving post-production and collaboration with Jan Philipp, the debut album "A" was created.

In 2019, the Cologne bar ACEPHALE became the birthplace of the musicians collective HEADLESS SOCIETY . Dima Oboukhov - himself an extraordinary music connoisseur and writer - approached Philip Zoubek and Leonhard Huhn with the desire to present concerts in his club. With five other companions, the monthly concert series of HEADLESS SOCIETY has continued to grow.

Leonhard Huhn - sax/voice
David Helm - bass/voice
Philip Zoubek - synth
Christian Lorenzen - synth/git
Kenn Hartwig - gameboy
Dominik Mahnig & Thomas Sauerborn - drums

RECORDED live at ACEPHALE in Cologne during several shows in 2019 & 2020 by Headless Society & Viktor R. Gruen
PRODUCED, ARRANGED & MIXED by David Helm, Tape transfer by Jan Philipp
MASTERED by Railroad Tracks Studios

©Anunaki Tabla 009