Bright Euro Teen Gets Educated About Life by Trip Music Band

Das Ende der Liebe †<3
Release: 2021-02-21
We’re not in this together, she said.
We’re in this alone.
And sure, I might take your hand and say: Come, I wanna show you this place, I’m sure you’ve never been there.
And you might then join me for a walk through these streets you always thought you knew, but now you’re not so sure anymore, because the spatiality of everything has changed even though it’s the same place it always has been and it might just be you who has changed.
You might look at me and try to convey these feelings to me, to which I might reply, that’s funny, it reminds me of this dream I had, where I was sitting in the co-driver’s seat of a car, gazing out the windows and trying to make sense of the world outside, not really seeing much through the dark heavy rain, until I suddenly realize it’s not dark at all, it’s actually very very bright and I can see everything extremely clearly, so clearly in fact that amidst all the details I forget what I’m actually looking at, and I loose myself in this world of things and details and I feel this warm glowing feeling of belonging to it, being a part of it, and just at that point where my sense of self is close to annihilation, I realize that I'm still in the car and that I was actually sitting in the driver’s seat all along but now I’m not sure if I’m really driving the car or if the landscape is just coming towards me or if there is actually no movement at all and everything is in fact extremely mind-crushingly still, so still that I’m not sure anymore if something like life exists anymore in this world or if it ever did and if I exist and if this dream I am dreaming is my dream or (for instance) yours.
Because it could very well be that you find yourself standing in the supermarket starring at the vegetables, coming out of some kind of lucid day dream, eventually going on with your grocery shopping, realizing just halfway home that, darnit!, you forgot the toothbrush again, and guiltily realizing for the umpteenth time, that you should make a dentist appointment, it has been too long and sometimes you have this stabbing pain in the left side of your upper jaw, and how the last time you were there, you were sitting in the waiting room and there was this woman you exchanged glances with (or at least you thought you did) and you imagined having these excessive conversations with her about (amidst other things) meta-physical topics like are we really here and is it possible to actually know somebody else or even yourself and is there a way to not be alone in this world, at which point she said:
We’re not in this together.
We’re in this alone.
And then she took my hand.

All tunes composed & performed by Das Ende der Liebe:
Thomas Sauerborn – Drums
Kenn Hartwig – Bass & Gameboy
Laurenz Gemmer – CP70
Andreas Völk – Guitar

Produced by Thomas Sauerborn & Andreas Völk
Recorded and mixed by Thomas Sauerborn & Andreas Völk
Mastered by Thomas Ölscher at Railroad Tracks Studios
Artwork by Pia Sophie Sperber
Published by Anunaki Tabla