Happy Hakai
Release: 2021-05-01
Happy Hakai - the delighted joyful ecstatic destruction. The duo project of drummer Thomas Sauerborn and bassist Kenn Hartwig is all about raw power. Tweaking knobs, beating drums, cranking amplifiers. Pushing their instruments to the limit, Happy Hakai opens the door to unexplored sonical realms, aural wonderlands which up to this day men had only dreamed about.

[...] the duo of drummer Thomas Sauerborn and bass player Kenn Hartwig unleashed a downright infernal roar, which Hartwig in particular triggered with his electronic effects devices. Sauerborn drummed frenetically and completely arhythmically in order to be able to counteract the distorted electronic sounds. A scene that made one think of the angry gentleman from the Old Testament in the dimly lit atmosphere of the church. Most impressive indeed.

[Hans-Willi Hermans, Kölnische Rundschau]

'Masamune' features Daniel Hölscher on vocals
recorded by Thomas Sauerborn
cover foto by André Baumecker

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published by: Anunaki Tabla
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