Das Ende der Liebe †<3
Release: 2023-12-08
Cologne / Berlin based trip music band Das Ende der Liebe and transdisciplinary artist su dance110, are presenting MINT / VIOLETTA, the first ripe fruit of their freshly emerging collaborative exploratory journey. With its two expansive music pieces* each stretching past the magical 15-minute threshold, MINT / VIOLETTA showcases su dance110's unique vocal performance interwoven with the band’s broad-ranging audio adventures.

Das Ende der Liebe x su dance110 – MINT / VIOLETTA encapsulates the spirit of experimentation and creative freedom that defines both artists, resulting in a vast musical experience that dares to defy our preconceptions of music, and, in a broader context, of space and time itself.


Conceived as a counterproposal to our intricate relationship with time in the modern world, Das Ende der Liebe’s music addresses the tension between the ever-demanding pace of contemporary life and our subconscious yearning for moments of reflection and contemplation. Their music pieces are deep sonic spaces that invite listeners to explore the nuances of time, reevaluate and transform their perception of it, and surrender themselves to the band’s magically tempus- stretching aural supernovae.

Andreas Völk (Yamaha PSS-9, Korg Volca Beats, Kaoss Pad, Live-Sampling), Laurenz Gemmer (Yamaha CP70, Ableton Live), Kenn Hartwig (Bass, Nintendo Gameboy) and Thomas Sauerborn (Drums) are vibrational sound alchemists who crafted a new universe, ever-expanding, built from electronics, acoustics, psychedelics and groove since the year of the portal, 2014.

In September 2022, the band released SCHNE*E, their latest musical odyssey, which earned the honour of being voted one of GROOVE MAGAZINE's Top 20 essential albums of 2022. Critics and fans were stunned by this release, describing them as ‘ [...] a band intricately weaving the vibes of the '70s and '80s, rooted in Cologne and Berlin. SCHNE*E effortlessly traverses a spectrum of sonic possibilities, from Dark Ambient to their self-proclaimed "Alien-Jazz" and Industrial influences, with unmistakable nods to Can, Throbbing Gristle, and Psychic TV.

’In 2021, Andreas Völk crossed paths with Dan Su during an artist residency in the Dominican Republic. As he introduced them to his bandmates for their initial joint studio session at Sauna Studio Berlin, striking synergies emerged, evoking the sense that their meeting was by fate. Dan Su, a masterful musician with an innate sensibility for improvisation, brought something extraordinary to the table, magically touching and reigniting the band's sound, itself being a development of almost 10 years of common artistic history.

su dance110

su dance110, the musical alias of Dan Su, is a transdisciplinary artist, composer, musician, and choreographer. Originally from Kunming, China, they are currently based in Berlin after a period of living and working in the USA. Their artistic creations are deeply rooted in the broad practice of movement, sound, and visual art. Their artistic portfolio spans experiments, compositions, and conceptual improvisations, manifesting in a diverse array of performances, installations, and experimental music. With a background in dance and performance art, they work with raw materials and objects, such as metal, as well as voice and electronics, often motivated by bodily sensations. su dance110's is masterful at crafting deep musical environments into live experiences. By weaving open narratives, they synthesize sound into moving images, akin to an Acoustic Movie. Through their mixed fantasy language, they drill the enigmatic fifth spectral dimension of the ontological and psychological realms.

*These two musical pieces were born from unscripted, unrehearsed sessions, where the raw and unfiltered essence of the music was preserved in its first-take, unedited glory.


released December 08, 2023

Published at Anunaki Tabla (12/2023) //
Recorded by Ingo Krauss at Candy Bomber Studio Berlin
Mixed by Ingo Krauss at Candy Bomber Studio Berlin
Mastered by Thomas Ölscher at Railroad Tracks Studios